My name is Niek Noordhoff and this is my graduation website. On this website you will find my complete graduation research on storytelling in 360-degree video. The new medium of 360-degree video and Virtual Reality was discovered decades ago and over the last few years the technical development has gone quite fast. Because of this more and more possibilities have come to the surface on how we are able to use it and for what purpose. Apart from entertainment, this medium has met its purpose in several ways. Examples range from putting the audience in unfamiliar surroundings, confronting phobias, in journalism and the medical field.

The subject of this research will be connected to an ongoing battle the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) are having with noncommunicable diseases. What I want to research is how 360-degree video storytelling can be used for the noncommunicable diseases program of the WHO at conferences to create more awareness among policymakers.

A 360-degree video will be created as final product as a result of the research and will be used at one of the WHO’s conferences in Uruguay.

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This website is devided in different categories, pages and posts. The main menu on the top can be used to easily access the most important information regarding my graduation research. “About” will lead you to the page that will tell you more about me. On the page “Research Questions” you will find of what questions my research is based on. When you click on “Products” you will find the practical side of my graduation. Prototypes and other products can be found on that page. “Conclusion” will lead you to my conclusion  and the recommondations regarding the research. And finally, “Blog” is where you will find the workdocument, in which I will post updates regarding my research.

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