The first week. (Feb. 27 – March 5)

The first week of actively working on my graduation has past. My proposal has been send to the World Health Organization (WHO), so I am waiting for their response and, hopefully, their approval. Before sending this proposal, I made a draft on which I got feedback from Hester van der Ent. Essentially where it was lacking, is that it was to broad. I had to be more concrete and specific. These changes also made my research questions more specific, therefore “easier” to research. For example, instead of focussing on all the noncommunicable diseases I will focus on one group, the cardiovascular diseases. the cardiovascular diseases, according to the website of WHO, are the number 1 cause of death globally. Because this is the biggest one, I think it is a good choice to put my focus on.

Research has been done on the organization and I took a little dive in the world of 360-degree video as well. I read some articles here and there, with one particular one that is quite relevant to my research. The article is from KQED Science website and is called Is Virtual Reality an ‘Empathy Machine’? Some Charities Think SoI talks about how the Virtual Reality (VR) is used to trigger people’s empathy and takes examples where it works. Charities are of course a great thing, but getting the support they need is hard. Especially if you cover something tragic and brutal. They are hoping for some new medium that can be more persuasive. That is exactly where I am diving into. The article talks about VR, but this also applies to 360-video, but proves that more and more ways to use this medium are being presented.

During the meeting on March 1, Claudia Tellegen and all the other graduation students sat together to talk about our progress. We helped each other out with our research questions and how to formulate our main research question. For the moment I formulated as follows:

  • How can  360 degree video storytelling be used for the Noncommunicable diseases program to create more awareness among students?

Which is close, but still not there yet. Hopefully when I hear back from the WHO I will have a better view on the better from their perspective and can improve my research progress.

For next week my Plan of Approach needs to be written, plus an introduction/analysis of the organization.