Consultation 13/03/2017

From a consultation with Claudia, my graduation guidance teacher, the following things came up.

The WHO has shown its interest and wants to have a Skype call with me and Claudia, for this I should prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ so that I can explain clearly what it is I will be doing. This Skype call will be on Friday the 17th of March. This call will mainly be about the expectations of both parties and have somewhat of a clear idea of what I will be doing for them.

Although my Plan of Approach has been approved, we found that there is a bit of shift regarding importance of the sub questions. First of I need to research the organization of course and write down all my findings on 360-degree video. (Which I already know more of than I thought.) The tone and perspective of the story is actually the most important part. Since I have a target group, I need to figure out what the best way is to approach them. Should it be provocative, humorious or something else? Ways of figuring this out can be with a focus group, survey, testing, literature, etc. I should know this, or at least have an idea, preferably sooner than later.

What we found out is that I have a clearer idea of my graduation plans than we thought. From a relatively vague subject, I know have some clear topics I need to focus on and answer. Witch are translated to my research questions. These questions might alter in the future a bit, depending on my findings. But for now they are a good start and point me in the right direction.