First call with the WHO

On Friday the 17th of March I had my first direct contact with the WHO regarding my plans. This conversation has made a lot of things more clear and more specific. The following things came out of this conversation.

The inital proposal for my project was to focus on one of the noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and target the video towards a young audience. However, during the call it became that the real problem is in the environment people live in that is enlarging the risk of them getting NCDs, escpecially in developing countries. In the “west” there is a bigger opportunity of getting treatment for cancer for example, than there is in Uruguay. There is an inequality in how NCDs are being treated in the world. The people who can lead the change in this are the diplomats, politicians and ministers, perhaps a better word for that is ‘the policymakers’. They can create a more healthy environment and fight the battle of inequality of survival changes of the NCDs.

This also means that the target group has shifted more towards these policymakers. There will be several conferences around the world on this matter. Thoughts at the moment on this, is to make it more personal. Show them a story about this inequality, show them the reality, place them in the reality.

The product also would be target towards these conferences. Instead of distributing the video only on online platforms, there would be a physical booth or installation that will stand at those conferences.

So to conclude, it is a lot more specific. There is more of a “wish” from the WHO where I can work from. A 360-degree experience targeted towards policymakers so that they understand the reality and fight the battle against the NCDs together with the WHO.