Call with WHO and Socrates Kakoulides

On the 31st of March I had another call with the WHO. We talked about the progress of the project. They also connected me to Socrates Kakoulides, a New York City bassed filmmaker and studying to be a cardiologist. He has a background in documentary and now works with 360-degree video. He worked on Clouds Over Sidra and Waves of Grace. That same week the WHO also connected me by email with Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YPCDN), the first and largest social network of young health professionals targeting chronic illness like cancer and diabetes. Socrates is also part of the YPCDN. They are kind enough to offer me guidance, advice and thinking along with my project. Acting somwhat like a sounding board for me.

The WHO has stepped down from the role of supervisor, since it would take to long to get all the formal stuff done. Otherwise the project wouldn’t really be able to start and I would have less creative freedom. The project itself doesn’t change, the assignment stays the same. Just the supervision of the project has shifted. Hopefully the YPCDN will be able to provide that for me.

I had brief contact with Socrates over the phone and did not go into much details. He did give me advice, he said to make them (the audience) excited. They need to want to be part of it. Look at other videos, what are the good points? What is strong? What do you like?

Further calls will be scheduled with him and the YPCDN to help me with my project.