Testing: Part III

The next part I wanted to look at was filming while holding the camera in my hand, filming outside and what transitions work in a 360-degree video. In this video I filmed my journey from my house to Leiden. I used a voice over to keep it a bit more interesting, although I have to admit my voice over skills are not the best. The video is filmed with the Samsung Gear 360 camera.

To get the full experience, I recommend to watch this with a VR headset if you have one.

The process of creating 360-degree videos is getting more and more familiar for me. The biggest difference from the previous videos is that this one has multiple shots and carries bit more of a story. For the static shots I used a tripod again, because I do not have a better alternative yet. I do feel that the tripod is not that bad when watching the video with a VR headset, since there is no real reason for looking down. However, I will try to remove the tripod in a future test. The camera movement in this video is not as smooth as I wish it was, but when looking with a VR headset it kind of gets away with it. I should look further into the possiblities of how to move the camera. I find that the slow and smooth transitions, like the second, fourth and fifth, work the best. It gives the viewer enough time to get ready for the next shot. Although those transitions are more pleasant when watching with a VR headset, I do find them a bit to slow and boring. There should be more creative ways to transition to the next shot and I should experiment with that.