Concept Session 3: Second script

For the second script I took the advice and idea from the last Concept Session blog post. This version is a personal story about some one who is waiting for a phone call from his doctor. The story is based on true events of my life. It keeps the personal aspect of a vlog, but instead of showing a whole day, it tells the story of a single moment of the day.

The three C’s for this story are:

  • Concept – Student home
  • Character – A student named Niek
  • Conflict – Phone call from the doctor

Instead of having multiple location throughout the video, one location has been chosen. The kitchen of a student house is where the story takes place. One location allows the viewer to have a good orientation of where the story is happening. The location is contributing to the story and makes the interaction in the video more natural. When having multiple locations in a 360-degree experience the viewer needs to orientate after every transition.

Read the second script here.

In this script the topic of medical treatment is the main conflict. However, several other themes come to light as well. Smoking, healthy food and exercise are all part of the everyday life in the Netherlands, they are treated that way in the script. Smoking especially plays an active role in student life, in health and socially. The story and interaction in the script is kept as natural as possible. The viewer is a visitor in the story and acknowledged by the people in the script. The idea behind this script is to invite the viewer to see what life is like in the Netherlands. This way it is more casually explained how medical treatment, healthy food and smoking for example are in the west. Perhaps this could show the policymaker what life could be if people are more aware of the NCDs and how to prevent them.

Compared to the first script, this script already is a lot more natural and less ‘on the nose’. I might be somewhat concerned if the message comes across to the viewer, maybe it is to casual. Some tweaks, additions and alterations will probably happen towards and during the shooting day.