Skype call with Socrates Kakoulides

On May 30, I had a skype call with Socrates Kakoulides about the last script I wrote. He gave me feedback on the concept and some tips regarding shooting the video.

First of all he mentioned that 360-degree video should give an experience. The concept I have now felt to much as a dialogue and a kind of a narration of the subject. Since the video will be shown at a conference where the audience already has to sit and listen to people talk, it would be nice to not have the same thing in a 360-degree video.

Maybe the most prominent feedback was that it could be a bit more controversial. “When they take off the headset they should feel a little offended”, Socrates said. This had mainly to do with the script being to “scripted”. It felt like it was telling what the policymakers wanted to hear. Bluntly put, throw away the script and focus on what the viewer need to experience. Keep it as unscripted, real and authentic as possible. An example of this could be to have a real conversation and discussion about the current smoking situation and policies with my roommates, who do smoke. This could be enhanced by having the people in the video actually smoking. And what could add further to the experience is to have smoke, or the smell of smoke, at the display during the conference to make it a multiple sensory experience.

By keeping it spontaneous and authentic, you show the viewers a more realistic perspective of the people who are affected by the policies that regarding the interest of the WHO. Talking about what policies would work and about those who have less effect from the viewpoint of people who those polies are meant for, might give those policymaker a better insight.

Some practical things were discussed as well. Since I am not a native English speaker, like others who will be in the video, the option to do it in Dutch with English subtitles would be possible. If this option would be chosen, the subtitles will be placed in the video in several places of the video. For example on two or four side, so when looking around you could read along with what is being said. However, this could take the viewer out the video, because he or she has to focus on the text rather than what is visually going on in the video. Socrates told me to remember to keep the background well lit so a sense of depth is stronger. Keeping the camera high (on eye level) was recommended. The camera could be positioned on a table for example so that the viewer is a spectator or it could be positioned as a visitor or participant in the story.

With this feedback in mind the video will be shot and a first version will be created.