Concept Session 1: First Draft

The goal of the 360-degree video for this project is to show the policymakers (ministers, diplomats, basically the people who are responsible for making policies) the inequality of opportunity regarding the life expectancy of the NCDs. This message will be told via a 360-degree video. I mentioned in an earlier blog post what should be in the video. Based on this I started with a first draft for a possible story.

During a conversation with Claudia Tellegen, graduation teacher of this project, possible ways to approach this video came up. One way that might be interesting is to make the video in a ‘vlog’-style. A vlog is a video blog. The idea of a vlog is to regularly post videos about that are about you. Usually these vlogs are shared on social media, such as YouTube. Vlogs are very personal and the one who makes them usually talks directly to the viewer. This has not yet really been done in 360-degree videos. Therefore it would be interesting to take that approach for this project.

The general idea of NCDs and how to prevent the risk of them was as inspiration for the story. Combined with the idea of the personal aspect of the vlog the first, very basic, draft of how a video like that would go was written.

Read the very first draft by clicking on here.

In this draft, the message is told quite directly to the viewer, which I do like. However, I feel that this version is very ‘on the nose’. Also the 360-degree should have more value. I should start testing with the equipment that is available to me and how I can use that. This needs to be worked on for the next version.