Concept Session 2: The three C’s

The first version of the script I wrote for the 360-degree video is not quite what it needs to be. It is very on the nose and does not have an interesting story to follow. This is something that needs to be worked on.

During a consultation with Claudia Tellegen she mentioned that a story needs three things to revolve around, sometimes they are referred to as the three C’s . The first one is the concept, or the arena. This is the place where the story takes place. This can be a location or a social environment for example. The second is the character, who is the story about. This can be a single person or perhaps a group. Last but not least, the conflict. This is the part what motivates the story, something that needs to be resolved. Conflict can take many forms, sometimes it is an emotional or physical obstacle or an argument between two persons for example. With these three points in mind, a story can be formed.

In a meeting with my graduation coach Claudia Tellegen, we came to a conclusion that one conflict should drive the story. What I wrote in the first draft for the video does not contain a common threat in the story. It feels to much as several examples of a healthy lifestyle put after each other. Therefore one conflict has to be chosen that will be the center of the story. Around this conflict other subjects can be adressed as well, but will not serve as the main plot.

The main reason to choose a vlogging style in this video is that vlogs are personal stories. To keep the video as personal and intimate as possible, I chose to use one location and one scene, instead of showing a whole day as usually done in vlogs. This also helps practically and financially, since there is no budget for this project.

That brings me to the final point of this concept phase. The idea of the video in general is to show what life could be if policymakers work together to create a healthier social environment. And since the budget is limited, me and my graduation coach had the idea to use me as the character. Since I am a young adult who is living in the west I can be considered to be a suitable character to tell the story. I am not shy in front of a camera and it would be practical when looking at the budget and other resources I have. The conflict would be something that I actually experienced and I can talk about. The viewer would be a visitor in my personal space and see what it looks like how life is for someone who has the opportunity to make conscious decisions to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes diet, medical treatment and the use of alcohol and tobacco.

With all these points in mind a second draft for a script for the final 360-degree video will be written. The script will include the previously mentioned three C’s to have more of a common threat throughout the story.