Concept Session 4: Product version 1

Based on the second script and the feedback I received from a skype conversation with Socrates a first version of the final product has been made.

To keep the experience of the video real and authentic, the interaction with the roommate is unscripted. The structure and the topic was communicated beforehand, but not written out. This came up in the conversation with Socrates. Removing the tripod out of the video was also managed. This was simply done with Adobe Photoshop, where a layer was created to put over the part where the tripod is.

To get the full experience, it is recommended to watch this with a VR headset if possible.

After some back and forth e-mailing with Claudia Tellegen, we came to the same conclusion: This video is a pretty good start for a first version, but looking at the first version, there are some things that should be changed.

First of all, the video is very long and almost a bit tedious, the next one should be shorter. The introduction, conversation with the roommate, phone call, basically everything, should be shorter.  A lot of the topics and actions are happening in a way so that first one things happens, it finishes and then the next one happens. It would feel less static if there is more of a flow in the things that happen in the video. Another thing that should be pointed out is that the introduction of the video and the rest of the video don’t match. These were taken from different times of the shoot. You can see a different coffee mug for example.

All of the things above will be taken into account when creating the second version of the video.