Concept Session 5: Product version 2

The unfortunate thing about 360-degree video is that it is hard to edit a new version of the video, often it needs to be filmed again. This has been done for the second version, based on the previous version and the feedback that was received. The video still needs some fine tuning. Things like the opening title, color grading, sound and other small parts need to be fixed. But the core of the video is done and can be tested.

Content wise the video is pretty much the same, since there was little problem with that part. However, the video has been made significantly shorter and a lot more of the actions are happening faster and flow more into each other.

Like mentioned above, the concept of the video is pretty much the same as the previous version. The idea is to allow the policymakers to look into a situation where several policies are active regarding prevention of the NCDs.


This version has been shown to several people of different ages. From students with different disciplines to middle aged people were asked to say what they thought of the 360-degree video. The feedback comes from people who are not familiar with the NCD program or the WHO conference and have little to no experience with 360-degree video. The reason that their feedback was asked is because the target group cannot be approached directly, however, this can be used as an indication if the video can hold a viewers attention.

Those who have seen the first version said that it is significantly better in terms of duration and clarity. When asked what they thought was strong about the video, one of the students said: “The way the acting is done feels very natural and therefore trustworthy, this makes it enjoyable to watch as audience. I especially like that you and your roommate are doing a basic routine and always are doing something, for example playing darts. Furthermore the use of the 360 space is well used as you move around which keeps the viewer actively searching for information, but as you mentioned it is hard to embrace and be fully emerged without a VR headset.”

With that being said, some reflected that they find it to still a bit too long and that it could not hold their attention. The light from the little window was to bright and made the persons in the video to dark. The policies on smoking in the Netherlands were not being understood and did not understand the phone call with the doctor. Also they found that the cigarette packages were shown to fast. One of them stated that he did not see the use for it being the 360-degree video.

When asked what could be improved someone stated the following: “I think that in the dialogue and the transferring of the message could be some improvement, as sometimes I got lost in the casualness of the conversation and therefore missing the serious tone of the cause. This could possibly be solved by adding short pauses or putting a little more emphasis on important factors.” 

“What I think is missing is a clear conclusion in the end, maybe some kind of resolution with Jasper or a strong message given to the audience. Next to that I think that a different environment could add a little bit more to the concept, due to this convention being international and a Dutch student house might not be recognizable for all visitors. Subtitles could also be a good addition to make it a bit more understandable.”, told an graduating Art & Technology student.

The most prominent thing that was taken out of the feedback that was received, is that it is missing some clarity, especially near the end. Sadly, reshooting is not an option due the limitation of time. However, with these things in mind a final version will be made that is more polished. All the things that can’t be improved will be taken into account for the recommendations.