After having a slow start in my graduation process, I am very happy how it all ended. I never thought that I would be able to work alone on a project of this scale. In the beginning of this project I was very uncertain of myself and if I could pull it off. 360-degree videos was something I heard about and had seen a couple of them, but was quite unfamiliar with how they actually worked. This project has been a huge challenge and I have learned a lot from it.

At the start of this project it was a lot of searching on where the project was going, regarding the product and the context it would be viewed in. There was a lot of back and forth with the WHO, who did a great job with helping me figure it out. They helped me get in contact with several people, including the YPCDN and Socrates Kakoulides, who guided me through the process. I talked with a lot of different people on the phone, skype and email. That helped me a lot with getting more comfortable with communciating on a professional level, since that was not really my strong suit.

With not much knowledge on 360-degree video I started my research. With every week I started to enjoy the medium more and more. I saw it’s strenght, it’s potential and became facinated by the content creators.  I began to understand and appriciate what VR and 360-degree video and the creators of the medium were trying to do and want to keep following the development. At this point I feel like I have gained quite a lot of knowledge about it and can apply that to future projects.

Apart from the postive things, there were also some points that had room for improvement.

The research was more focussed on the medium in general and its technical ascpects, less on the content and the target group. In relation to the research question the focus should have been more on the latter one. Although the communication was strong in the beginning, I felt that during the last period it was kind of slow. That was mostly my fault, since I was to focussed on what I was doing and forgot to communicate that with the people who were there for my guidance and could give me feedback.

The product I made should’ve been given more attention and time. With my little experience on the practical side, I underestimated the difficulty of creating a 360-degree video. That resulted in the product being made less than two weeks before the deadline. I consider this inresponsible and unprofessional. If this was done right, the quality of the product could’ve been higher. It could have been  tested sooner and more, the feedback could’ve been received earlier and the product improved. With more effort I could’ve gotten more out of the it. But hindsight is always 20/20, so I need to remember this and learn from it.

Now at the end of my graduation I am at least certain I chose the right study direction. I enjoyed learning and working with new technology and explore new ways of storytelling. Altough it sounds really cliche, my goal is to keep moving forward on this path and develop myself into a better storyteller, take on new challenges, be more confident in what I do and look for new adventures.