Socrates Kakoulides: Feedback final product

*   What are the strong points?

You create an intimate environment which you invite your character to experience.  There is a candidness to the conversation that feels real.  Your roommate is someone who you feel like is speaking honestly and sharing real thoughts.

*   Where is room for improvement?

This video needs other perspectives.  Could you do a series of interviews like the one you did with your roommate?  Could you go to smoke shops around Amsterdam and have similar candid discussions about smoking in the Netherlands?  Amsterdam is a legendary place for smoking, and it would be so cool to hear about how smoking laws are being perceived from there.

*   What do you think is missing in the video?

Other perspectives.  It would be great to get different perspectives from smokers and non-smokers.  It would also be awesome to get outside perspectives and locations.

*   What is your opinion on the length of the video?

Its long than it should be for a one shot VR piece. It also doesn’t need the conceit of waiting for a phone call form the doctor.  That bit of plot does not add much.  If you can add other locations, it would be great to visualize is what it looks like to go from a room where people are smoking to a place where new anti-tobacco laws are being implemented.

*   Do you have an understanding of what kind of policies are made in the Netherlands regarding smoking?

Generally yes, but is there way of reinforcing the message between laws and perceptions of those laws by adding other perspectives.