Welcome to my graduation website! This website is developed for my graduation of the study Art & Technology at Saxion University of Applied Science. During the period of Februari to June 2017 I have been working on my research regarding the creation of a 360-degree video for the World Health Organization. During this process I was looking to answer the question of how 360-degree video storytelling can be used for the noncommunicable diseases program of the WHO at conferences to create more awareness among policymakers.

This was not always an easy process, but I was lucky to receive much help and support from several people. First and foremost I wish to thank my graduation coach, Claudia Tellegen, for her great guidance and support. Not did she only guide me through the graduation process, she helped me get started before the graduation period had begun. When I did not have a graduation project and I did not know what to do, she helped me figure it out. Claudia’s counseling kept me sharp, motivated and an overall better student. I am very grateful for that.

The nice people of the WHO and YPCDN who helped me get on the right track with the final product. The honesty and enthusiasm they showed was very stimulating. Their advice on what approach I should consider on the content and the presentation helped me to develop the concept and product. Their feedback was much appreciated and helped me create a more suitable product for this project.

And last but not least, I want to thank the students I had the pleasure to work with during this graduation period. Sharing our work was very stimulating and the feedback we were able to give each other was very helpful.

I hope you find this website interesting and enjoy reading it about my research.

Niek Noordhoff

Enschede, May 29, 2017