After this research there are some recommendations for further improvements regarding this project.


Since the product is aimed at a very specific target group it would be recommended to test it out on a similar target group in the same context. Showing the product at a conference that is similar to the WHO Global Conference on Noncommunicable diseases in October 2017, could confirm if the desired effect of awareness is achieved on target group. After this test has been done a more effective product could be created if needed.


The presentation also needs to be worked out in more details. Where on the conference is this going to take place? How many VR headsets are required? How is the stand going to look like? These things should be worked out further before the video will be shown at the conference.


The biggest overall recommendation is for the WHO to explore the medium of 360-degree video for other projects. The research has shown how powerful it could be and that people are interested in experiencing the content. During the last feedback moment Socrates Kakoulides recommended  to develop the project as a series of “experiences”. It could at a lot to all kinds of projects and programs and connect with their audience on a whole different level.